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Are You an Educator Seeking Behavior Management Strategies for Your Classroom? 

  • Are your students acting out and causing disturbances in class?
  • Does it seem that one or two students are always consuming your attention, and you worry that you are neglecting everyone else?
  • After talking with your students or reading through assignments, are you concerned that some are facing problems at home or struggling with mental health issues?
  • Do you suspect that one of your students is self-harming, but don’t know how to help without crossing boundaries?
  • Are you deeply concerned for your students’ wellbeing, but feel defeated, overwhelmed and powerless to help?
  • Do you feel alone and unsupported as you struggle to find helpful resources and administrative guidance?
  • Do you wish you could better understand your students’ challenges and develop practical classroom management tools that best support your students’ personal and academic development?

Many Teachers Feel Overworked and Ill-Equipped to Manage Concerning Student Behavior

Whether you’re teaching kindergarteners or high school seniors, if you are wondering how to manage student disruptions or distress, you are far from alone. Despite the years of education that it takes to become a teacher, many educators never receive in-depth training about childhood psychology, emotional development or behavioral and emotional issues. Like many others, you may feel that you have all the tools you need to create compelling lessons, yet lack the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that the lessons gets through to the kids who are struggling the most.

Between grading, teaching, moderating extracurricular activities and taking care of your own life (including your own children), you may lack the time and support necessary to seek needed resources on your own. When you reach out to your school administration, you may feel frustrated by slow responses or ineffective, outdated responses, including disciplinary actions, which do little to solve the root issues. Or, perhaps you know that your school counselors and administrative staff are just as overworked as you are, with little time or energy left to attend new trainings and implement innovative behavior management strategies in the classroom.

These are common challenges that many educators face, and feeling confused and discouraged in the face of intense behavioral issues does not mean that you have failed as a teacher. It just means that you, like so many other educators, need a little extra help. Our online video courses shed light on childhood development and offer teachers like you the insight needed to better understand and meet students’ emotional and academic needs.

Online Teacher Education Courses Can Help You Create Harmony in Your Classroom

We know how deeply draining working as a teacher can be. After a long day of dealing with tantrums, soothing tears and nearly begging students to stay seated and off their phones, the very idea of seeking out more teaching training can be exhausting. That’s why Kaleidoscope Behavioral Health University offers convenient, clear and user-friendly online courses for educators. Our engaging, easy-to-follow videos provide the in-depth psychoeducation that can help you address challenging student behavior and create lasting change in your overall classroom environment.

Each video course features a leading expert in the field of childhood and adolescent psychology, from academics to therapists. These are not dull, overly technical lectures or poorly designed slideshow presentations. Rather, in warm, casual conversations with KBH-U founder Dr. Kay Trotter, these experts share their vast experience with a wide array of behavioral and emotional issues, unpacking their potential root causes in broad, accessible terms.

As you learn more about how the brain develops in childhood and adolescence, you can begin to see your students’ struggles with different eyes. For example, you might find that students are frustrated because their assignments are too difficult for their level of development. Even if you can’t change your curriculum, this knowledge can help you approach students—and yourself—with greater compassion and patience, as well as discover new ways to encourage your students when challenges arise.

Our teacher education courses can also teach you how to recognize the signs of self-harm, address bullying, effectively work with defiant children and more. In addition to gaining concrete teaching tools that you can implement in your classroom, you can feel better informed and prepared to bring specific concerns and resource requests to the administration. And, you can feel more confident in your capacity to support your students’ overall wellbeing.

No matter how old your students are, as a teacher, you likely feel as though you bear a huge responsibility. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Our courses for educators can lighten the load and empower you to deftly handle student concerns without sacrificing learning.

You still may have questions and concerns about online courses…

I don’t have time for anything, let alone a class.

Our online courses give you complete control over your course schedule. Each course is three hours long, but you don’t have to watch or listen to all three hours at once. Once you choose the videos that best suit your needs, you can access them at any time, as well as pause, stop and rewind at your convenience. And, because our high quality videos are accompanied by high quality audio, you can opt to treat each course like a podcast and listen during your commute or errands. You can access courses at any time, from anywhere.

Developing more effective classroom management tools can also help you save time and relieve stress in the long run, especially if you are already spending hours trying to resolve disruptive behavioral issues. The time you invest now can return dividends in the future.

The courses you offer don’t seem applicable to my situation.

While some of our courses are particularly geared to therapists and clinicians, the vast majority contain insights that are valuable to anyone who regularly interacts with children. We invite you to read through each course description and watch the sample videos. Even if the title of a video doesn’t seem to speak to your situation, you are likely to find that it offers valuable insight and advice. We believe you will leave each course feeling inspired and energized, equipped with new classroom management strategies and in-depth knowledge that you didn’t even know you needed.  

Shouldn’t the school counselor handle this, not me?

It’s common for teachers to worry about professional boundaries, especially when a student appears to be struggling with a deeply personal issue. While it is important to review your school’s guidelines and policies, as well as consult with the school counselors, the fact is that certain behavior and concerns actively impact your classroom. It can be frustrating to rely on someone else’s tools when your learning environment is disrupted. Our courses offer teaching tools that you can use immediately, without overstepping any boundaries. By becoming more educated about childhood development, you only add to your students’ community of support. 

You can read descriptions and preview clips of the Kaleidoscope teacher education courses here. Once you’re ready to build your own course load, we invite you to sign up here.