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Are You Searching for Answers, Resources and Tools to Help Your Child?

  • Is your child acting out or withdrawing, causing you to worry that something is wrong?
  • Are you concerned that your child may be struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD or something else?
  • Do you fear your child is being bullied—or bullying?
  • Have you noticed what appear to be the signs of self-harm, but feel hesitant to confront your child and unsure how to help?
  • Are you worried about your young child’s development and unsure of what milestones to expect?
  • Do you feel frustrated by conflicting parenting advice that only skims the surface of your concerns?
  • Do you wish you could learn practical parenting tools, gain deep insight into your child’s experience and feel a sense of relief and reassurance as you navigate parenting challenges?

Whether you are raising a tantrum-prone toddler, a defiant child or a sullen teenager, parenting can be overwhelming and exhausting. You may feel frustrated when you don’t understand what your child is going through and heartbroken when you can’t make his or her pain go away. Perhaps you feel pressured to be the perfect parent, especially as you scroll through social media sites and parenting blogs that paint idyllic pictures of tidy homes, happy children and peaceful lives. You may question your parenting skills and style and fear that you must be doing something wrong. And, to top it all off, it may seem as though you are always rushing to get things done in your home and/or career, leaving you feeling depleted and desperate for effective strategies to bring balance into your family life. Most of all, you may need a tool set you can use to help your child now.

Every Parent Struggles From Time to Time

Despite what the social media pictures might suggest, no parent is perfect, and every child faces challenges at some point. Parenting is hard, and most of us aren’t taught how to understand or manage behavioral and emotional issues. Instead, we learn how to parent from our own parents, which is good news for some but more difficult for others. And, children are unique, with unique personalities, strengths and struggles. Even if your parents modeled healthy conflict resolution and emotional regulation skills, the parenting strategies they used with you may not work with your child. Or, they might work with one child, but not another.

Parenting is a lot of work and requires a lot of trial and error, and you are not a “bad” parent if you don’t know exactly what your child needs right now. And, you are not alone. There are countless other parents who share your experience, and there are people who can help. With online parenting courses, you can access leading child psychology experts and gain the insight needed to best support your child. On your own schedule, and from the privacy of your home, you can fill up your parenting toolbox and equip yourself to navigate a wide range of parenting challenges, now and through the future.

Digital Parenting Classes Offer Answers and Advice

At Kaleidoscope Behavioral Health University, we know how important it is to address childhood behavioral and emotional issues at the root. That’s why we offer convenient, accessible online video courses that go beyond generic parenting tips and tricks. In our catalogue of parenting programs, you’ll find in-depth information and concrete tools that can transform your parenting and lead to profound healing for the whole family.

No matter how old your child is, through these online courses, you can learn so much about what he or she is feeling and how those emotions manifest in daily life. Our classes cover a wide range of topics, including temper tantrums, signs of self-harm, the adolescent brain, bullying and abuse, surviving school (especially for kids with ADHD) and stress-proofing your family. You’ll also find information about play therapy and how it is used to help children struggling with attachment issues, opposition and defiance and much more.

Each video features a warm, engaging conversation with academics, therapists and leading childhood development experts, including Dr. Kay Trotter, the founder of KBH-U. While some parts of our courses are geared toward child therapists, you certainly do not need to have a psychology background to understand or benefit from them. Watching the videos can feel like you’re joining understanding professionals for friendly, insightful conversation over coffee. If you are considering seeking or already are seeking professional mental health support for your child, you can learn more about child counseling and what questions to bring to clinicians. Most importantly, you won’t just hear vague theories or concepts; instead, you will hear real-world examples of parenting tools in action.

The Kaleidoscope Behavioral Health University catalogue allows you select the parenting classes that best fit your immediate needs, as well as your long-term parenting goals. As you watch or listen to these videos, we believe that you will experience a real revelation into your child, your family and even yourself. You can illuminate the workings of your whole family system and discover new ways to create harmony, balance and joy.

You may have questions or concerns about online parenting courses…

Does seeking help mean I’m a bad parent?

No. And, reaching out for help is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you and your child are struggling with something neither of you know how to fix. No parent has all the answers, and children frequently don’t have the words to express what they are going through. Our online classes can help you decode your child’s behavior and feel empowered to productively address whatever issue you’re facing. Furthermore, our online classes are completely confidential. No one needs to know that you are watching them if you don’t want them to.

I don’t have time for parenting classes.

We’ve designed our courses to fit your schedule. Each video is three hours long, but you can start, stop and rewind whenever you need. The video will be waiting for you when you’re ready. And, although our courses are in videos, you won’t miss anything if you simply listen along, as though you are listening to a podcast. You can take these courses with you wherever you go.

We also invite you to consider how much time you might be dedicating to managing child behavior issues. With these courses, you can develop the tools needed to resolve issues in the moment and over the long-term. As you put new parenting strategies into action, you are likely to discover peace of mind and truly enjoy the time you spend with your child. 

The experts don’t know my child and what he or she is going through. How can they help?

It’s true that these videos are not the same as one-on-one child therapy. While our experts will not meet your child, they have amassed decades of experience with a broad array of children at all ages and stages, and their advice and expertise are far-reaching. If any part of a video does not feel applicable to your situation, then feel free to discard it. You can take the lessons and strategies that speak to you and adapt them to fit your child and your family. In fact, as you begin to implement new tools, you are likely to find that you must stay flexible and open to your child’s changing responses and needs. Children are capable of astonishing growth when given the freedom and support needed to try new things.

That said, we hope that these videos spark your memory and help you tie together everything you already know about your child and parenting. We hope they lead you to that empowering “a-ha!” moment that reveals a clear path forward. Parenting classes are not the end of learning—they are the beginning. 

We invite you to read descriptions and preview clips of our online parenting courses here. Once you’re ready to build your own course load, we invite you to sign up here.